5.9 iPad - Troubleshooting

Please note that this help article is for an older version of the Bible Study app. If you are using Bible Study 6.0 or later, and you’ve installed the latest version of the app through the App Store, please click here for up-to-date help articles.
This guide should be used if you are experiencing problems with the Olive Tree application on your iPad. Each problem is unique, so it’s possible that some of these steps may not be relevant to your particular issue. However, these are the steps that our support team would take to cover all possible angles of the issue. Follow this guide and only take as many steps as needed to get your issue resolved.
If at any point you feel uncomfortable with the troubleshooting process then please feel free to contact our support team. Include a specific description of the issue you’re having and one or our support members will contact you as quickly as possible.


Please try a simple restart of your device. If it hasn’t been turned off in a while, it may exhibit some odd behavior with running certain applications. If you are not familiar with restarting your iOS device, instructions are available on Apple’s website here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1430?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US


Before going through the following suggestions we recommend you back up any bookmarks, notes, highlights or book ribbons to the Olive Tree Study Sync servers. To do so, take the following steps:

Tap on the My Stuff button (suitcase icon).

Then press the ‘Sync’ button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Here are the recommended steps to see if we can get your product working correctly:


Go into general settings application for your device (this is not in the Bible Study App, but under the Settings app on your iOS device), and scroll down until you see settings for the app that is installed, and select the ‘On’ position for “Rescan Library”.

Re-open the Bible Study App. You will see a prompt saying it needs to be re-started.

Tap OK and open the app to see if the issue is resolved.


If a reboot or rescan does not solve the issue, please try a settings reset:

-From the Home screen, double tap the ‘Home’ button to reveal the “Fast App” menu. This will show a row of apps, with a small window above each one showing that app.

-Locate the Olive Tree application and drag the preview window to the top of your screen.

-You should notice the preview window exiting the top of the screen and the Olive Tree app icon being removed from the row of apps.

-Press your Home button to return to your Home page

-Go into general settings application for your device, and scroll down until you see settings for the app that is installed, and select the ‘On’ position  for “Reset Settings”.

Re-open the Bible Study App. You will see a prompt saying it needs to be re-started.

Tap OK and open the app

Next, clear out and re-enter your username and password. To do so, tap Settings (A* icon,) Advanced Settings, Account. Then, delete your username and password, re-enter this information, and tap “Login”. Check to see if your issue is resolved.


It may be possible that the problem you are encountering was fixed in an update to the program. Be sure to check for any updates by opening the ‘App Store’ icon from your device, and then selecting the ‘Updates’ tab.

RE-DOWNLOAD YOUR TITLE (if applicable)

Depending on your issue, you may just need to re-download the resource (e.g. NIV, Purpose Driven Life) you are having problems with. To do so:

Select the Library Button

Select the Store button to the right of the library popup.

Select the “Purchased” tab from the bottom of the Store screen.

Login to your Olive Tree account to re-download the affected title.

Even if the button says ‘Installed’, you can tap on it to start a new download.


The last resort for troubleshooting is to remove and reinstall the application. Please keep in mind that this will delete the application and all data associated with it. Make sure that your annotations are synced to your Olive Tree account prior to removing the app. Additionally, you will need to re-download any resources you had previously purchased/downloaded.

To remove the application, find the Olive Tree app icon, tap on it and hold it until it begins to shake. This will expose an “x” symbol in the corner of the app icon. Tap on this symbol. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion of the app. Tap “Delete” to remove the app.

To download the app again, tap the App Store icon, search for ‘Bible Study App’. From the results, download the app that you had previously installed.

 Still having problems?

Submit a support ticket so one of our support members can provide you with further instructions. Be sure to include a specific description of the problem you’re experiencing so they can provide you with the most relevant information possible.
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