5.4 Windows Desktop - Highlights

Please note that this help article is for an older version of the Bible Study app. If you have installed the latest version of the app through our website, please click here for up-to-date help articles.

There are two ways to add highlights to the Scripture text on your Windows Desktop app. The first way is by clicking on a verse number. The second way is by highlighting a specific portion of text. This article will also show you how to remove highlights from your Scripture text.

Verse-Based Highlights:

To add a highlight to a full verse, click a verse number and click Highlight: 

On the next screen, you have a couple options. You can click the up arrow to select more than one verse. Clicking on a highlight color will add the highlight to your Bible text.

Word-Based Highlights:

Word-based highlights allow you to add highlighting to a personalized amount of text. For example:

To add word-based highlights, use your mouse to select the text on your screen. From here, you can add a highlight by clicking on the plus icon  or by right-clicking on the selected text. Clicking a color will add the highlight to the text.

Removing a Highlight:

To remove a verse-based highlight, click on the verse number that originated the highlight, click Highlight, and click Remove Highlights.

To remove a word-based highlight, select the portion of highlighted text, right click over the highlight, hover over Highlight and click Remove Highlights.




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