Why Should I Create an Olive Tree Account?

We highly recommend that every person who uses the Olive Tree app signs up for an Olive Tree account. You can create an account on our website.

Here is a brief list of the features of an Olive Tree account:

  • Registering your Purchases: Registering your purchased resources from your device to your Olive Tree account gives you a backup of your resources. When you purchase resources through OliveTree.com, your purchases are automatically registered to your Olive Tree account. You’ll need to register your purchases manually to your Olive Tree account each time you purchase resources through the in-app store within the Olive Tree app on your Android device.
  • Syncing your Annotations: Your Olive Tree account has a personalized Study Sync page to which you can sync your annotations (notes, highlights, reading plans, tags, categories, etc.) from your devices as a backup. You can access the Study Sync page at sync.olivetree.com
  • Sharing Resources and Annotations across Devices: Through your Olive Tree account, you can share your resources and annotations on up to five compatible devices that you own or operate.
  • Timely Customer Support Assistance: Having an Olive Tree account provides the Customer Support team with helpful information when you have trouble with your Olive Tree app. Knowing your account log-in information allows the representative to view your purchase history and sync activity log.
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