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We have announced that we will no longer be supporting the Windows Store app. We will continue support of the Windows Desktop app. Please refer to this article for further information on this matter. 


There are two ways to create highlights in the Windows Store App. Keep in mind that verse-based annotations appear in all your Bibles while word-based annotations show only in the resources in which they are created. This article will also show you how to delete highlights and add a new highlight color.

Verse-Based Highlights:

To create a verse-based highlight, select a verse number and then 'Highlight'.

A menu will appear to allow you to choose which highlighter to use. 

Once chosen, the highlight will appear on the page. If you change translations, this highlight will still show on this verse. 

Word-Based Highlights:

Start by selecting the text you want to highlight. This is done by dragging the mouse across the text or tapping and holding to select a word and then dragging the pins to select the text. 

Pull up the menu by right clicking with your mouse or by tapping and holding the selected text. Choose 'Highlight' from the menu. 

You can then choose your color, just like verse-based annotations. 

Your highlight will appear on the page. These highlights are related to a specific resource and will not show in other resources. 


Removing a Highlight:

Select a verse number within the highlight and select 'Remove highlights'. 

You will then be given a list of highlights displayed in that verse. This includes both verse and word-based highlights. Choose the highlight you wish to remove. 

You can also delete your highlights in the 'My Stuff' menu. Swipe up from the bottom or click the lower brown bar and select 'Study' and then 'My Stuff'.

The 'My Stuff' panel shows the most recent annotations you have created. To view only highlights, select the 'Highlights' option (pen) from the icons at the bottom. 

You will then be able to see a list of highlight colors. Select the highlight color to view all highlights created in that color. Right click on the highlight you want to delete and select 'Delete' from the lower right corner.

Adding a Highlight Color:

To add a color, stay in the My Stuff Highlights menu. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen or click the lower brown bar, select 'Add' and then select 'Highlighter' from the lower menu. 

You can now choose the title, style, intensity, and color of your new highlight. Simply select outside of the menu to set the highlighter. 

To delete or edit a highlighter, select it with a right click or tap and hold. Select either 'Edit' or 'Delete' from the lower menu. 


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