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***This article applies to all iPhone and iPod Touches***

Understanding The Study Sync feature pushes your annotations (notes, highlights, reading plans, bookmarks, book ribbons, and tags) from your device to your Study Sync account. This allows you to access your annotations on your other devices by syncing. If you get a new device, or need to reinstall the Olive Tree app, you can perform a Sync to access any annotations which were previously synced to your Study Sync account.

How to Sync From within the Olive Tree app, tap on the 'My Stuff' icon  Tap on Sync 


Basic Troubleshooting If you are not able to perform a Sync on your device, please check the following: Internet Connection: In order to successfully Sync ensure that your device is connected to the internet. We also recommend loading the in-app Store, to ensure that the Olive Tree app is connecting to the internet.

From the top menu bar, tap on the 'Library' button   

Select the 'Store' button on the top right of the library popup 

        Ensure that the Store loads properly, without any error messages. 30 Second Rule: To Sync you must wait 30 seconds after your Sync competes on one device before syncing from another device. Emoticons/Special Characters: The Study Sync feature does not work with emoticons other unusual characters, see the following image for an example.  If you are using any of these types of characters, please remove them from any notes (do not delete the not itself, just the emoticon) and try to Sync again. Password: We recommend that you re-enter your password into the Advanced Settings area within the app, in order to ensure that you are logged in properly. Re-enter your password by following the steps below:

From the top menu bar in the Olive Tree app, tap the settings icon  

Tap 'Advanced Settings'  

Tap the 'Account' button at the bottom of the pop-up to re-enter your password, ensuring that the login is successful.

If you do not recall your password, click here to reset it.  


Still unable to Sync? Please send in your diagnostic data to Support for review: To the Right of your Sync Status tap the “i” icon.


Tap the 'Email Support with Diagnostics' button at the bottom of the screen 

This will compose a draft of an email to Olive Tree Support. At the beginning of the Email please include the troubleshooting steps you have tried, how long you have been experiencing the Sync issue and any other relevant information.


Tap ‘Send’ to email the message Support will contact you as soon as possible to help resolve the issue. In the meantime, please do not add any new notes, bookmarks or highlights.

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