iPhone/iPad - Gestures

Within the Olive Tree Bible App on iPhone/iPad, we offer a feature that allows you to complete actions quickly using gestures such as swiping with 2-3 fingers, double tapping with 2-3 fingers. etc. Perform the gesture in the main window of the app (where you see text from a Bible or book) to complete the action.

Default Gestures

By default, these are the gestures set within the app. The gestures with ‘No Action’ can be set up using the Gesture Settings steps below.

1 Finger:
1 finger double tap: No Action

2 Fingers:
2 finger swipe left: History Forward
2 finger swipe right: History Back
2 finger swipe up: Previous Search Hit
2 finger swipe down: Next Search Hit
2 finger tap: No Action
2 finger double tap: Open Library Quick View

3 Fingers:
3 finger swipe left: Bible: Next Chapter
3 finger swipe right: Bible: Previous Chapter
3 finger swipe up: No Action
3 finger swipe down: No Action
3 finger tap: No Action
3 finger double tap: No Action

Customize Gestures:

Gestures can be customized to create your own unique Bible study experience. There are over 30 actions that can be assigned to the gestures above. For example, you can set a gesture to open the Resource Guide, open History, toggle the scrolling method, and more. Follow the step below to customize your gestures.

Gesture Settings:

Tap the Settings icon to access the gesture settings.

Tap Advanced Settings.

Tap Gestures / Shortcuts.

Here you can select a gesture (e.g. ‘2 finger tap’) and then select your desired action for that gesture.
4_2_Finger Swipe.PNG

We hope this article has been helpful in teaching you how to use the gesture feature within the iPad/iPhone app. Please note that this functionality is based on the iOS operating system and is therefore only available for iPad/iPhone. If you need any further assistance with gestures, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team by submitting a ticket here.

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