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About Olive Tree Study Sync

The Study Sync process pushes your annotations (notes, highlights, reading plans, saved passages, book ribbons, categories, and tags) from your device to your Olive Tree account. Syncing allows you to access your annotations within the Olive Tree app on your other devices. Sync also backs up your annotations so you have them saved outside your device(s). If you get a new device or need to reinstall the Olive Tree app, you can perform a sync to access any annotations that were previously synced to your Study Sync account.

How to Sync:

To turn automatic sync on or off in your Olive Tree app, follow these steps:

  • Tap the Settings icon on the toolbar (gear icon). 
  • Tap Advanced Settings.
  • Tap Automatic Sync.
  • You can turn 'Automatically Sync My Data' ON or OFF. You can also choose to 'Sync on WiFi only'.

If you choose to disable automatic sync, you can manually sync by tapping the Menu and then Sync.


If sync is giving you an error message or is not completing, here are some initial troubleshooting steps you can follow before you contact Customer Support:

Reboot your Device:
Please try a simple restart of your device. If it hasn't been turned off in a while, it may exhibit some odd behavior with running certain applications. If you are not familiar with restarting your iOS device, instructions are available on Apple's website here. Once you have rebooted your device, try syncing again.

Reset Settings:
Go to the general Settings application for your device and scroll down until you see the Olive Tree Bible App you have installed. Tap on the app, and select 'ON' for 'Reset Settings'.

Open the Olive Tree Bible App again. You will see a prompt saying that the app needs to be re-started. Tap OK and open the app again.

Resetting settings will log you out of your account, so you'll need to log back in. To log into your account:

  • Tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap Advanced Settings.
  • Tap Login / Register at the bottom of the menu.

Try syncing again to see if the issue is resolved. If not, proceed to the next step.

Check your Internet Connection:
If you still cannot sync, please check your Internet connection using these options:

  • Try opening the store from within the app by tapping the Store (shopping cart) icon.
  • Try 'Google.com' to ensure connectivity.

If your app is still not syncing, please contact our support team.

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