iPhone/iPad - Book Ribbon

Book ribbons are a great tool for quickly marking a place in the text to return to later. Book Ribbons are similar to a ribbon in a physical Bible, as they mark an area of text rather than a specific Bible verse or phrase. In this way, Book Ribbons are different than other annotations like notes, highlights and saved passages which can be tied to a specific Bible verse or word(s).

Create a Book Ribbon

To add a book ribbon, tap the ribbon icon in the upper right corner. The icon will fill to indicate that a book ribbon is present. Tap the ribbon again to remove the book ribbon.

BookRibbonIcon.png BookRibbonIconOn.png

Delete A Book Ribbon

There are two ways to delete a book ribbon. The first way is by tapping the filled ribbon icon while viewing the text. The second way is through the Menu: 

  • Tap Menu.


  • Select Book Ribbons.


  • Locate the book ribbon you wish to delete.
  • Swipe from right to left across the book ribbon to reveal a red 'Delete' button.


  • Tap Delete.
  • Confirm that you would like to delete the book ribbon.


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