7.0 Android Tablet - Logging into your Olive Tree Account

It is important to sign into your OliveTree.com account within the app on your Android tablet for three main reasons:

1. Signing into your account will ensure that new titles you purchase in-app (processed through Google Play) will be registered to your account.

2. Signing into your account means that the titles you purchase directly from our website will be available for download within the app.

3. Signing into your account ensures that any annotations (notes, bookmarks, highlights, etc.) you create will be synced to our servers so that you can access them on other devices or retrieve them should something happen to your tablet.

To sign into your account, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner. Then, tap the green 'Account:' bar at the top of the menu.

MainMenu.png Login.png

Enter in your Olive Tree username and password. If you are new to Olive Tree, tap 'New User' to create an account or visit our website to create an account

You will then be signed in and your email will be listed after "Account:" in the bar for future reference.

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