7.0 Android Tablet - Reading Plans

How to create a Reading Plan

First, tap the 'Reading Plans' icon in the upper toolbar.


A list of reading plans available can be located under the 'Featured' tab. If you would like to see a list of categories these plans fall into, tap the 'Categories' tab.  

ReadingPlansFeatured.png ReadingPlanCategories.png

Tap a reading plan to view more details about the plan. Tap 'Start Reading Plan' on this details page to begin the plan.

ChronologicalDetails.png ChronologicalLandingPage.png

Your reading plan will be created under the 'My Plans' tab. Tap 'Continue Reading' to go to the first day's reading.

Use Your Reading Plan

To access your reading plan again, tap the 'Reading Plans' icon in the upper toolbar. Tap 'My Plans' and tap the plan you wish to continue. The next screen is the menu for that particular reading plan. 

MyPlans.png ChronologicalLandingPage.png

You can tap 'View Today's Assignment' to manually check off days or 'View List of Days'. Tapping 'Continue Reading' or 'View Today's Assignment' and then an assignment will take you to the reading.

TodaysAssignment.png ListofDays.png

As you read through the text, you'll see a 'Next' button in the text if you have more assignments for the day. Tapping 'Next' will take you to the next assignment.


If there's just one assignment for the day or you're at the last assignment, you'll see a 'Complete Reading' button. Tapping 'Complete Reading' will mark the day's reading as complete on your reading plan home screen.  


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