Look Inside: Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible

There is great value in using Scripture to understand Scripture. God’s inspired word is a complex tapestry of themes all woven together, and the development of those themes can provide us with insight into the message of the Bible for today’s readers. Finding our way around these themes can be a daunting task. A word search can be helpful, but it can also give an incomplete picture due to the complexity of language and the context in which words are used.

The Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible links various themes together as they are touched upon and developed throughout Scripture. The very heart of this product is the thematic chains that number in the thousands. The Thompson Chain resource is also a great study Bible and offers cross references, book outlines, book introductions, maps, and harmonies to aid us in our study.

We’re going to walk through a quick example of how the Bible Study App can make navigating the Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible enjoyable and easy. The example uses and refers to the iPad version of our software. We’ve designed this resource to work seamlessly with the built-in Resource Guide. Although we’ll be relying on the iPad version in our example, other versions of our app will have similar functionality.

If you want to follow along with the example, bring 1 Samuel 17 up in your Bible in the main window. With everything set up, the screen will look similar to this (your screen may look a little different depending on what resources you have and how you have your Resource Guide set up):


To activate the chains, tap the name of the Thompson Chain under the Commentaries section of your Resource Guide. Your split-window view will change to a listing of verses directly related to your location in the main window:


Choose the verse you want by tapping on it in the split window. In this example we’ll choose 17:4:


You can now choose the theme you want to explore in the list under that verse. I chose 1409, Giants, which brought up the following results:


Now it’s as easy as tapping on each verse reference to get a pop-up window where you can read the appropriate Bible text.


When you are done with this chain, you can tap the back arrow in the upper left corner of the split screen to return to the menu.


The wealth of other information in the Thompson Chain resource is easily available as well. Return to the base screen of the Resource Guide by tapping the back arrow until your screen looks similar to this:


Notice the entries for the Thompson Chain located in the Introductions and Outlines sections. Tap on either entry to quickly access the information.

Finally, some other gems are available but are a little less obvious. For this example, tap the David entry under the People section. 


The Resource Guide automatically shows you that there is an article on David available in the Thompson Chain resource. Tap on the article to read it.



There is also an image on the Journeys and Life of David under the Images section that you can open.


To open a map in full screen, tap the Options (three-dot) icon in the upper right corner and select 'Full Screen'.


We hope this tutorial will help you explore and learn about the Bible with the Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible, a trusted resource that has been used by generations of Bible enthusiasts. When used in combination with the Bible Study App, you are just a few taps away from unlocking the themes of the Bible as they weave in and out of the entire text.

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