7.0 Android Phone - Book Ribbons

Book ribbons are quick and easy to create. You can use them during your study to mark things that you will want to come back to quickly, like the book ribbon in your physical Bible. We suggest using book ribbons for individual study sessions and deleting them when you're done to avoid clutter. We have another feature called Saved Passages that we recommend using for saving locations in books and Bibles more permanently.

To create a book ribbon, tap the screen to see the toolbar. Tap the book ribbon outline in the upper right corner, so that it turns red. Tapping it again will remove the book ribbon.

Open.png BookRibbon.png

To view your book ribbons, tap the menu icon and then tap 'My Book Ribbons'. Tapping on an individual book ribbon will bring you to that place in your resource.

MainMenuLoggedin.png BookRibbons.png

Tap and hold a Book Ribbon to reveal a menu. This will allow you to delete the Book Ribbon. 


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