7.0 Android Phone - Highlights

There are two different ways to highlight Scripture on your Android Phone. The first is a verse highlight and the second is highlighting a specific block of text.

Highlighting a Verse

The first way to add a highlight is to tap on a verse number and select the “Highlight” option.


The highlight editor will pop up which allows you to title the highlight, choose the verses you would like to highlight. Select a color for the highlight to finish editing the highlight.

HighlightSelection.png VerseHighlight.png

Highlighting a Block of Text

The second way to highlight is to use the tap and hold function and handles to select an amount of text, maybe just a word or two or part of several verses, and then tap the 'Highlight' option from the list.


Again, you get the basic color options and, after choosing a color, the text you selected will be highlighted.


One Important Note: Verse highlights, made by tapping on a verse number, will appear in every Bible translation that contains that Bible verse. Text-selection highlights (made by selecting a specific block of text) will only appear in the Bible translation in which they were created because words differ between translations.

Locating A Highlight

To view your highlights, tap the menu icon and then tap 'My Highlights'. This will open a list of your Highlighters

MainMenu.png Highlighters.png

Highlights are sorted by color, tapping one of the highlighters will open a list of highlights tied to that color. Tapping 'All Highlighters' will open a list of all of your highlights. Use the options at the top of the list to sort the highlights by Date Created, Title, or Verse Reference. 


Edit or Delete A Highlight

To edit or delete a highlight, first locate it in the menu using the steps above. Then long press on the highlight to open an options menu. Select 'Delete' to delete the highlight or 'Edit' to change the title, highlighter, or category. 

HighlightOptions.png EditHighlight2.png

Create, Edit, or Delete a Highlighter

To create a Highlighter, open the Highlights Menu from the main menu. Then Select New at the bottom of the list. Choose a name, type, intensity, and color. Tap save to create the highlighter. 

Highlighters.png EditColor1.png

To change the name, type, intensity, or color of a Highlighter, tap the options icon to the right of the highlighter and choose 'Edit'. Then make the changes needed. These changes will be applied to all highlights tied to that highlighter. 

HighlighterOptions.png EditHighlight.png

To delete a Highlighter choose 'Delete' from the options. Note that you can only delete a highlighter if all Highlights tied to it have been deleted or moved. 

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